Distance Healing

In the light of major events occurring across the universe, I have been compelled to provide Distance Healing energy to greatly enhance oneís healing process. I specialize in physical and/or emotional healing that can be done in the privacy of your home. Reiki is guided to you and enhanced by Tibetan Energy and Ilahinoor Healing. The transmission is best if planned in advance to enable you the opportunity to relax and meditate while I forward healing to you. Our initial contact begins the process of energy transmission. Your healing process continues from that day forward.

I have found enhancing Reiki with Tibetan Energy and Ilahinoor healing is a nice combination for healing. Essential Oils may be incorporated as a follow-up if needed. I can direct you to the appropriate essential oils to help your healing process.

Initial transmission of healing energy is $65.00. Three treatments are recommended. If you purchase two treatments, I will provide an additional treatment at no fee. I strongly support three treatments.

Healing is not removing symptoms. It is the process of returning to full body alignment and connecting to your Higher Self. The transmission of healing refers to energy balancing which enables re-aligning, balancing and re-attuning a personís electromagnetic energy field. It allows your body to flow in a harmonious manner. Restoring balance and harmony allows a personís body to heal. A practitioner does not hold a specific outcome but aims to open blockages and allow stress release and tension to dissipate. These blocks are released by a practitioner channeling through themselves to the person.

You can contact me by email jdsnell@mindspring.com or telephone 1-860-779-1303 for a free consultation on how I can meet your need.

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