Created and designed by Josef, (Joseph) Pilates, Pilates is a unique combination of eastern and western disciplines. The mental focus on the process of breath through yoga combined with traditional exercise created a new form of movement for promoting good health. Pilates may be practiced with resistance, on a mat, or with the use of a fit ball. All Pilates postures are beneficial when practiced on a regular basis. Repetitions are minimal and effective, as quality of the exercises is the focus. Quantity is not important to the overall benefit. Most exercises are practiced with a total of five to ten precise focused movements. Pilates can be adapted to meet limitations. Pilates is used by physical therapists in rehabilitation programs as it benefits the entire body and is for women and men of all ages.

The practice of stretching while strengthening muscles enriches the quality of the exercises. People quite often will finish a class and feel taller. Pilates tones muscles, improves flexibility and balance, promotes good posture, and therefore creates a “streamline” appearance to the body. Your mind becomes more positive which creates a healthier body. The regular practice of Pilates is a great stress reliever and compliments any exercise regime.

Our bodies experience abuse physically by routine daily activities. We consistently over use muscles without realizing how we are affecting the body. Pilates works as an antidote by providing a workout to re-straighten, strengthen and stretch our body. In summary, Pilates will enhance a workout and enable us to look and feel better.

Pilates formulated six original principles, which will both establish and improve the quality of a workout.

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