Each routine is unique in it’s own manner but also similar in some areas. You experience a great cardiovascular workout, body toning and feel real good about yourself. You have an opportunity to treat your body well and will see the changes by regular attendance. This is a great workout for all ages and fitness levels. Classes are instructed in three different planes to allow everyone to share the experience. The following is a description of each of the classes now scheduled on a regular basis.


This routine explores yin and yang movement dynamics while tapping in to the five sensations of fitness, agility, mobility, strength and stability. It teaches you to integrate soft, artistic motion with powerful, linear motion,. Venture beyond your usual movement habits to embody harmony using opposing forces.


The focus of this routine is improvisation, creating the ultimate Nia experience in the "Now". The intent is to use the 52 moves to improvise and connect to the sensation of aliveness.


This routine has the inspiring music of Riverdance. It is a great lower body workout with all body deep stretching. The moves are repetitive and a must to try.


A fun filled class of a variety of Beatle flashback tunes. A fun workout as you sing along.


A great class of flashback tunes to include Limbo Rock & Electric Slide. Dance away a fun class


Music from the 50's as you get a great workout! Fun and refreshing and many laughs! Music for the soul


A stimulating journey filled with sound and silence. Move and sense the gift of the body and connect to the ultimate sensation for your body, mind, emotions and spirit-ZenSation, the sensation of NIA!


The focus of this routine is the spinal chord. The intent is to stimulate stability and mobility in the spinal column.


Focus on blending simple movement and mindful visioning. The simplicity of the leg choreography allows you to tap into the power of freedance sensation in the core of the body and in your arms and hands.


Move from within the body out. Open your inner feelings with expressive movements of upper and lower body. Move slowly to feel the moment, dance with feelings to feel the child within you to Latin rhythms. Close with serenity and feel rejoiced.


The focus on this routine is "the joy of movement." The theme is the desire to have a good time and choose joy for the evening. Joy comes from being in the moment to dance, celebrate, and to be one with the music and ourselves. It's a blast!


The focus on this routine is "shifting the body weight." The music is from Dead Can Dance and it is a unique blend of TaiChi/Yoga and modern dance. A fine compliment to your mind, body, spirit fitness program.


This routine was designed to help you experience the joy of creating a loving relationship with your body, mind, spirit and emotions. Specifically designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Embrace the grace and power of male and female energy in this routine.


A full blend of the dynamic poses of yoga, softness of tai chi, precision of martial arts and the fun of dance. Experience inner feelings as you move to a blend of various forms of music. Steps simple but powerful.


This routine focuses on natural extension while supporting the dancing energy body. You open joints, while at the same time, powerfully strengthen extending muscles, the ones that contract during extensions. Gracefully, longer feeling and longer looking extensions will occur during and through many parts of you, even your breath and mind will extend!


This routine focuses on form and freedom, utilizing the elements, earth, water, wind and fire. The music of Mannheim Steamroller takes you through a journey using various speeds and levels. This routine uses leg and core strength throughout. The song Corazon brings in the element of Latin influence and fun. The song, He is Sailing, awakens the spirit and moves you into powerful yoga and stretches. Move into freedom!


This routine is a blend of natural pulsing motions and flow. Strengthen your legs and improve on your base stability. Allows for day-to-day interpretation and experience. The music is varied, sweet, and sexy, powerful, raw, fun, cool and intense. You can focus on extension to add a new feeling and quality. Lot’s of fun with the dance and Martial Arts!


This routine focuses on the upper body, arms and torso. The entire spine, shoulder blades and core are used to provide support and stability. Fast vibratory movements stimulate intrinsic muscle motion. You play with wings, like a bird. Take deep breaths to relax the back. Ride the energy wave of the earth as in the stance of the sumo motion. Sumo stance uses Tai Chi arms and power blocks. Play the bongos, shimmy, wipe the ceiling, use all parts of the hands. This routine is powerful, fun and filled with opportunities to create newness off of the choreography.


This routine focuses on the use of hands and fingers through the slow dance of Tai Chi to warm the body. Dance with the use of fingers to make rainbows and play musical instruments. Connect fingers and hands to grasp fruit to work the shoulders and back. Martial Art incorporates upper body strengthening with strikes and punches. It will bring the child out in you!


This routine uses the music of George Michael on his CD “Older.” A beautiful representation of NIA incorporating steps and stances. This routine is powerfully simple and rich and incorporates music that makes it easy for you to blend form, expressions and function.


The focus on this routine is on “Centering,” the awareness of center and centering as the point of origin in every movement. Although the main center of the body is the hara, located about one inch below your naval in the center between your belly and your lower back. You can focus on many centers throughout your body. You experience many “centers” throughout your body through each song. You will have fun with the various moves as you nurture these centers.


This routine enables you to feel relaxed-balanced. Circles combine straight leg lifts and soft knees to create a different dynamic around the hips and waist. You will focus on the upward direction of energy through the crown of the head. Breath is focused to create power. The legwork is intense as you develop extensions and melts. Steps and stances develop creative choreography. Kicks, undulations, freedom, open and closed moves.


Flashback with favorite tunes of the past. Dance to a different beat as you reach all areas of the body. Arms, shoulders, back, and chest experience a great workout as you move with the music.


Work with extension of legs and arms to increase flexibility in joints. Dance as you kick and swim! Play with “Mustang Sally” and add lots of pelvis and hips to work the abdominal.


Experience the slow motion of Tai Chi to warm the body and move into a dance to connect the body. Shed frustration, stress, and bad habits as well as fill the mind with beautiful thoughts and ideas to refresh the soul. Feel the love and joy of a baby and open doors of freedom. Finish with connecting the mind with the body to relax the soul.


Medicine Woman uses traditional South American instruments and rhythms to celebrate the power of the Feminine, the Beautiful, and the Medicine Woman. This music represents a bridge between the old ways and the new - a gateway to recognize and affirm the sacred, the compassionate, the healing, the joyous side of nature. Through this balance we can achieve a greater harmony with the expansive, nurturing aspects of ourselves. A lively authentic performance to rejuvenate our spirits.


Experience spiral movements with arms and enjoy a workout of shoulders, back and chest. Enjoy the blends of music as you get within your body and release feelings of stress and anxiety.


Feel as a child again within the simplistic move of dance. A great mix of "guts and grace" as you experience both within the fun music. Great workout of the entire body and mind as you experience the blend of dance and martial art.


A very basic, easy to follow routine with a flow of vibrant music. "Conscience becomes one" as we focus on the belly being the center of flowing energy. Mixture of guts and grace and powerful to emotions.


There are two gravitational forces acting on our body, the magnetic and the electric. The word electro-magnetic describes these two forces. The earth provides a magnetic pull and lightning, the electric pull. In this routine, you establish your magnetic connection by touching the ground with the souls of your feet. From the ankles up you allow yourself to "fall up". The best illustration of this is the candle and the flame. The earth is the wax; your feet are the wick and the rest of your body the flame.


All Shook Up #1, 2 and 3 are a great blend of music from five popular routines. This combination expands your workout benefits to make the class even more beneficial. Join us for a new experience!


A fun routine with self-expression in every move. A great way to feel good in the way you move to music. You will play with rhythm and speed movement within the same beat speed. You will also experience the "Bundle". Fun & challenging!


The use of the pelvis and hips begin the routine to express inner body feelings. The three weights of the body (head-chest-pelvis) connect you to the correct alignment of the body. Eye & hand coordination makes to route fun as you move to steady paced music. It is very energetic and lot's of fun!


Enjoy the power from the back of the body as a way of freeing the front. Learn to use the buttock muscles as a way to relax the thighs and knees. You'll learn to cultivate energy from your own emotional connection to the electric and powerful music. Power, grace, emotion, sound, holding, silence, resonance, flair, feminine and masculine-all qualities to explore with Mandala!


Focus is on the shoulder girdle, the upper movement system to include the head, clavicle, shoulder blades and upper spine. Move to the unique blend of Scottish folk music and get a great cardiovascular workout! Lower body moves are basic and upper body are therapeutic as well as simple.


A free flowing routine as an excellent workout! Move precisely to the sounds of Enya as you raise your heart rate and tone muscles. The moves are very basic which enable you to feel the joy in the music.


The focus in this routine is on stability and mobility. A fun workout always aware of the base. Alpha Omega meaning the beginning and the end.


You will enjoy the music of Adiemus. A haunting choral and orchestral work based on European tradition. Focus is on fingers and hands as the way to connect and integrate the upper body to the lower body. The beautifully textured music fills the room and the heart with sacred sound. A great workout for all levels.


This routine will enable you to move sensually as well as gracefully while you reap a great workout. A must to try! A powerful combination of Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi and Martial Arts. The music is inspiring and the moves simplistic.


Great flashback tunes with the fun of Nia! Enjoy the music while your body gets a great workout!


A great routine as you move to beautiful inspiring music which touch your inner feelings. Visual images add to the great workout as you move along energy lines within you. Another fun routine!


Another fun routine and very easy to follow. Enjoy a great workout as you move to the upbeat tunes of Tina Arena. The focus of this routine is on the hands.


Diva combines basic Nia moves and puts them into a high-powered, emotionally expressive, fun experience. A great workout with terrific music, this is a kick-ass, high-powered workout. A true Nia blast!


Improve core power, add grace and learn to breathe and maintain volume and space inside the body. Breathe efficiently and improve alignment, mobility and stability. The music will enable you to discover the breath, which is the key to physical power, grace and harmony.


The use of movement detail, such as hand technique, imagery and sounding, adds internal and external resistance to help create the sensation of strength, flexibility, mobility, agility and stability. This routine encompasses Floor Play to use the same focus. Discover the of push-pull, decelerating actions, and vibrations combined with isometrics. Learn to give muscles what they love - stimulation.


Celebrate the joy of movement! A great workout with terrific music! Lot's of sound, power, play and sensual power. A true Nia blast!


The focus in this routine is on the core and the extremities. The Core of the body is comprised of the Pelvis, Chest and head and includes the waist, neck and spinal cord. The extremities are the arms and legs. All together the express the four realms: Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit.


A fun cardiovascular routine with a great mix of Martial Arts, Dance. Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates.


A classic Nia routine that focuses on Yin and Yang, the energetic compliment to yang, is the sensation of horizontal energy flow that connects to the front and back of the body. Yank, the energetic compliment to Yin, is thesensation of a vertical energy flow that connects to the top and to the bottom of the body.


A classic Nia routine that focuses on Dynamic Ease. Dynamic is described as the action of infusing what you do with energy. Ease is described as the sensation of relaxation. By combining dynamic actions with ease, the heart, lungs, nervous system, breath, and body relationships become more efficient in natural and organic ways that increase the sustainability offitness and well being. Play with Jazz and Modern Dance, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do and Tai'Chi.


A fun routine enjoyed by many with lots of yin & yang energy. Focus on simple moves with powerful energy.

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