What is Nia ?

Nia is a dynamic cardiovascular workout that stimulates and integrates your mind/body/spirit and leaves you feeling recharged, rejuvenated and fully alive. Nia blends dance, martial arts, yoga and healing arts to allow your child, athlete, warrior and dancer within to expressively emerge. Its creators, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas, as well as their certified staff teach Nia classes. Each student is encouraged to modify their movement, speed and range of motion so all fitness levels can self-guide their Nia practice to meet their needs. (60 minutes)            

John Snell has a blue belt in Nia and has been certified since February 1999. He began Nia in Eastern Connecticut and built a solid foundation as "Nia Connecticut". He is enthusiastic and enjoys Nia as it brings meaning to fitness through the "Joy of Movement". John is one of over 1500 Nia teachers worldwide.

He spent several years as a senior administrator with a degree in Business Administration. He has been certified as an aerobics instructor for several years. He was introduced to Nia in 1998 and became intrigued by the creative combination of tai chi, yoga, meditation, dance and martial arts. His professionalism has enhanced his career change because he extends his feelings of Nia to enlighten others. Both men and women of all ages enjoy the fascinating technique of Nia.

He continues to learn and explore movements of joy to enhance his classes. The feeling is expressive and rewarding as people become familiar with the unique combination of cultures in a single class. His own feelings are expressive as each class is different. It will bring the child out in every movement. Please feel free to join John at any of his Nia classes.

Click here for a detailed description of different NIA class routines.

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