John has been practicing yoga for several years on a regular basis. When he first began he could not sit cross-legged on the floor without discomfort. He could not touch his toes without bending at the knees as well. Now he is extremely flexible and has developed a deep strength, which cannot be achieved through weight lifting alone. It takes time for your body to change safely. During this time, it is important to drink lots of water, eat ample amounts of healthy foods, and get plenty of rest, as it is to practice yoga on a regular basis. To do one without the other is doing yourself a disservice. You deserve more than that!

To make the practice of Yoga as efficient and enjoyable as possible, it is essential that right from the beginning, you learn not only what the postures are, but how to stretch, how to relax, how to focus and how to breathe. Begin today to treat yourself to the best and feel the "joy of movement" within your mind as you connect safely to your body and spirit!

Gentle Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga allowing you to experience and reap the rewards of yoga. Your body has adapted to everything you have experienced over the course of your life. You can adjust your body easily to yoga if done on a regular basis. In your natural healthy state, you should be able to perform most yoga postures with minimal effort. Always attempting to do the poses to the best of your ability is the mere essence of yoga. It is not important to do everything in yoga, just strive to do the poses within your comfort and capability.

Your body will gradually adapt to yoga as you practice on a regular basis. It is thirsty for the benefits you potentially gain. You will discover new things about your body. You will be overjoyed by the continuous learning. Yoga literally means, "joining". You connect your mind and body through the breath and become more aware of your personal strengths and challenges. You will gain in areas of strength and balance and flexibility through the initial challenge of basic poses. When you continue to strive to do the postures correctly, your body will readapt itself to the perfect state of ease and alignment - the potential for which we all have at birth.

Treat yourself to the fine gift of yoga. Gentle Yoga will enable you to practice safely and reap the benefits meant personally for you. You deserve to feel good. Yoga is a life long practice. It is rewarding and absolutely fulfilling when you discover your personal limits safely and gently begin to expand on them.

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